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Case Counsel is dedicated to providing personalized legal counsel for Professionals and Business Owners and protecting what matters most, your Families.

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At Case Counsel, PLLC, we provide the following legal services.

External General Counsel Plans

The business world is evolving faster than ever thanks to constant developments in technology, innovation, and best practices. Most businesses cannot afford to hire in-house General Counsel to advise on important strategic decisions. But your business needs the same legal counsel that big corporations need. Partnering with Case Counsel means you can stay on top of rapidly changing laws that influence your day-to-day operations.

Business Startup & Investment

If you are starting a new business venture or investing in one, Case Counsel provides personalized legal guidance for new business owners. Work with a professional to shield your family’s assets from business liability by forming the right business entity and ensuring its ongoing compliance with state and local laws.

Intellectual Property

Your ideas have value and are some of your most important assets. Turning your ideas into profit is how businesses become successful. Additionally, when people see your trademark, they think of your business–and your business’ reputation. Contact Case Counsel to protect your ideas and your reputation.

Business Contracts

Contracts form the basis of most important business relationships. While a contract can seem tedious or unnecessary, it is important to give business contracts the attention they deserve. Small mistakes in a contract can result in payment of damages or a disruption in your business.


As a business owner, you must ensure that your employment agreements, policies, and handbooks comply with federal and state employment laws. Protect your business from employment claims from the start and keep up with the ever-changing legal landscape.

Real Property

The real estate world can be tricky to navigate on your own. Case Counsel partners with buyers, sellers, and developers to ensure you have access to the best resources and advice to guide your decisions.

Business Succession & Exit Strategy

It is common for business owners to spend all their time and energy working IN their business but neglect working ON their business. Whether you are closing your business, selling it, or are unexpectedly absent, your customers, employees, business partners, and family rely on you to have a sound plan in place when you are no longer there to make crucial decisions. Determining your business's succession is a crucial step that many business owners overlook.

Incapacity Planning

With advances in healthcare and medical technology, you are increasingly likely to live while unable to make decisions for yourself. Incapacity planning ensures there is a clear directive for your wishes should an unexpected health issue arise. If you become unable to handle your affairs, having a plan in place guarantees that your chosen representative, doctors, and family have clear directions to follow.

Wills & Trusts

Matters of life and death are part of life. Creating a plan for those you care about can eliminate a great deal of unnecessary stress and confusion during a difficult time. Working with an experienced professional ensures that you communicate your wishes, handle outstanding debts, distribute your belongings—and that your plan is updated periodically rather than sitting in a drawer for years, long outdated.

Child Guardianship & Protective Provisions

Traditional wills typically designate long-term legal guardians for your children but don’t address temporary custody in emergencies. Proper planning can empower temporary legal guardians to act quickly in an emergency. Furthermore, while minor children cannot inherit what you leave for them until they are adults, a simple will does not protect them from the potentially disastrous results of inheriting it the day they turn eighteen. Case Counsel can help you protect your children and the gifts you leave them.

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Because the business world is evolving faster than ever it is important to have a partner you can rely on. Partnering with Case Counsel means you can stay on top of rapidly changing business and legal landscape. And at Case Counsel, transparent fees take the guesswork out of your decision to use our legal services. Billing is flat and agreed to in advance—with no surprises.

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Hi. My name is Charlie Case and I started Case Counsel, PLLC after working for more than twenty years in the corporate world, where I evaluated emerging technology for wireless telecommunications and the business plans for implementing it. After a while, I determined it was time to step out of that world and build something of my own, so at the midpoint of my career, I went back to school, became an attorney, and started my own business. Many people reach a similar decision point in their lives—to create something greater than themselves—and I started Case Counsel to partner with and support those with a similar experience.

Charlie Case

Charlie Case

Attorney, MBA, Engineer, Business Owner. Husband & Dad.

I was born and raised in Arkansas and graduated from the University of Arkansas, where I earned degrees in engineering and business. While on The Hill, I met and dated my wife, Kerri, and we married in 1996. We landed back in Little Rock in 2000, and have made this our home ever since, raising our son Jackson here. After two decades as an engineer in telecom, I went back to school to earn a law degree from the UALR Bowen School of Law before starting my law practice here in Little Rock. I am licensed to practice law in the State of Arkansas.

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